TOCA ME magazine - collaborative project
The magazine project started with the first artist being invited to do an interpretation of the initial topic "Flesh". The result went on to the next contributor who used this piece of work as the basis for inspiration. Thus, the topic itself was changed and redefined constantly by the artist who worked on it. The journey took the magazine all around the world and finally - after almost two years - it came back to TOCA ME in Munich to get printed.

150 pages with artworks by Richard May, 123Klan, Tim Nolan, Subvitamine, Kate Camilla, Prate, Upso, Joshua Davis, Mono, Lulu, Eike König, Basit Khan, Lessrain, Xnografics, Niko Stumpo, Rob Chiu, Nando Costa and Linn Olofsdotter Costa, Terrorpilot, Isaraufwärts, Sleepatwork, Sfaustina, Malana Design, Studio von Birken, Sixstation, Matthias Gebhart, Digit, Eike Menijin, Neasden Control Centre, Sockho, Taobot and Viagrafik.

TOCA ME magazine is sold out and no longer available.
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