Munich, Germany
SNK is the Munich-based digital agency of André Bachofner, Christian Flaccus, Michael Kirchberger, Paul Zentner and Federico Zuluaga-Knorr. When schoene neue kinder opened its doors in 2001, it was a collective of students who liked to jump between exploring the new world of digital visual arts, and pioneering the internet with all its infinite interactive possibilities. Their work included everything from graphical realtime video installations and exhibitions to early Flash sites and commercial internet projects. Within the bustling Munich Tech Startup scene, SNK supported numerous companies with their digitalization, long before that term became a buzzword.

Today, the SNK family includes more than 100 talented designers, developers and consultants across 6 offices, and helps clients around the world implement their digital customer experiences, digitize their business processes, and start to truly connect with their customers. From small and fast-growing tech startups to big enterprise corporations, SNK's clients love how the agency brings their brands and communications to life.

„schoene neue kinder“ is german for „brave new kids“. And that’s still SNK’s credo today for building successful and sustainable client relationships.
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