Since 2003 Munich based TOCA ME design conference has brought
together some of the most outstanding designers from all over the world.
Our mission

From the very beginning our goal has been to organize events to entertain and inspire our guests. Inspire by great presentations, a beautiful venue and a pleasing ambience. A place which just invites everyone to meet friends and get in touch with new faces, to have a talk and share ideas.

Regardless of whether it's a large event like the design conference, a workshop or local meetup, we put our heart and soul into each single event always trying our best to make it a special one.
Past participants include legends of design such as Joshua Davis, Jessica Walsh, Pleix, Malika Favre, Hungry Castle, Golan Levin, Sougwen Chung, Brendan Dawes, 123Klan, Mr Bingo, Signalnoise, Gmunk, Brosmind, Gavin Strange, Rob Chiu, Zach Lieberman, Lernert & Sander, Dvein, Sarah Illenberger, Eike König, Susi Sie, Amit Pitaru, Sehsucht, Seb Lester, Anita Fontaine, James Paterson, Jared Tarbell, Tomato and many more.

For past TOCA ME events please have a look at the events archive.